Woman-Artist-Pain-Power. The #FridaKahlo series.

Frida Kahlo is an icon and muse that I return to again and again.  I am infused by Frida and I consider myself a Kahloist.  She epitomizes the artist and woman in pain.  As I was going through my divorce, I was driven to draw Frida as a child.  The medium I chose (or it chose me) was china marker on masonite board.  I was in that deep depression that is the unfortunate but necessary part of the infidelity legacy/divorce journey.  It’s universal.  Child-Frida was a light to help me process through and to lift me out of the hole.

I dedicate the series to my dear friend, Claudia, who needed a hand and light but had to find her own solution.

Some details from the series:

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