Solvig and Katrine- art, magic, healing, intuition, and a murder mystery

“Visiting Stanley Park Crime Scene with Solvig” by Katarina Thorsen 2007 (see * below)

Being a Swede in Canada, it is inevitable that I have old family friends since childhood that are Swedish!  I met Solvig and her family when we lived in Houston BC in the early 70’s.

Solvig and her daughter Katrine have held a special place in my life ever since.  Solvig is one of the most magical people I know and her daughter is truly an imprint of her mother.  Their story is amazing, and their life journeys leave me breathless.  They are in touch with the intuitive and are both talented artists.  At present, Katrine (Olsson-Davidson) is a young mother and talented photographer: MEMORY LANE PHOTOGRAPHY.  Solvig, an incredible multimedia artist, currently owns and operates TEA GALLERY WITH A TWIST.

“Sharing Natures Food Supply” Solvig Olsson (multimedia including wool)

Katrine recently shared with me some of her beautiful and deeply personal meditation paintings:

Solvig has been an important mentor as I worked through my father’s difficult stroke recovery and my mother’s terminal illness.  I find this a very difficult thing to share as it overwhelms:  Solvig extended such care and grace helping my mother put on makeup a few weeks before mom passed.  My mom cared deeply about her appearance and I found it such a beautiful moment between female friends.  I treasure a photo I took then but cannot share it here.

* A favorite time for my mom and I was our deep research into a Vancouver murder mystery, which I will one day turn into a graphic novel.  For the first time, I share my notes from the day that my mom, brother, Solvig and I visited the Stanley Park crime scene.  We let Solvig loose on the scene and she quickly showed us something quite out of this world.  Despite what one feels about psychic phenomenon, what happened in the park that day was truly magical!

DOCUMENT: 26. Epilogue

I celebrate Katrine and Solvig!  Female Power!

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