The Giving Tree- is that me? Time for #selfcare


A few years ago, my therapist was helping me through a particularly rough patch as I was being pulled in a million directions in my role as caregiver.  She gave me The Giving Tree to read and asked, “Which character are you?”    It was obvious to me that I was the tree, and I still am.  She considered the book brutally sad and a warning.  I agree.  Today, in this moment, after many months of anxiety and struggle and changes and learning new ways, I feel like there is not much energy left.  Even my Dad called me to say I’m doing too much.

“I am sorry,” sighed the tree.  “I wish I could give you something… but I have nothing left.  I am just an old stump.  I am sorry…”

I need to refuel and cocoon.  To celebrate all the amazing things I have accomplished but learn what I can do less of.  What I can nurture and do more of.  To rest for the next projects.  I am so excited about the next adventures ahead, but if I don’t pay attention to the body signals like chest pains, and headaches and exhaustion, I won’t be the most present, vibrant me I can be!  I don’t want to be a dead tree stump.  It is Spring, and I want to reach my branches to the sky and grow, while providing shade and love and beauty!  So sorry, main character kid, this weekend build your own damn house out of recycled wood, please!  I’m busy growing more apples.

Cool tattoos though!

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