Kat’s portrait tutorial PART 1 of 8: Doodle with red or orange. Celebrate @drawingday!

In celebration of WORLD DRAWING DAY, I’m posting my portrait tutorial!  Let’s start with PART 1!

You’ll need paper (I’m using newsprint today), any light colored drawing medium– e.g. pencil, crayon, pastel (I’m using red and brown china marker– my favorite medium), a subject– live model or several photos (e.g. from a magazine etc).

When I start a portrait, I tend to sketch it out with a light color first.  See an example in yesterday’s post.  Then I finalize it with a darker color.  But first things first.  Deep breath.

Our first step to getting used to making marks on paper and OBSERVING simple shapes you see in your subjects.  This is NOT a finished drawing that you’re working on.  It’s a simple exercise to relax your brain.  Use the entire sheet and simple sketch the simple shapes that you see in the photo, or on the subject’s face or even objects around the room.

Just relax and enjoy!  It’s just an exercise and ANYONE can do this!  Turn off that inner critic!