ART HAIRAPY June 26th! Apprentice-soiree/ interactive portrait event! @SukisSalon

In partnership with SUKI’s, and hosted by Chad Francouer , my Sunday June 26, 2011 interactive art event: Art Hairapy at Suki’s on 16th and Granville, Vancouver BC!

The night is combined with Suki’s annual apprentice soirée and will feature a hair show, DJ, bar, live body painting etc!  The hair show starts at 6:30!

Finish portraits of the fabulous stylists at Suki’s on 16th and Granville as we combine Suki’s apprentice soiree with this art event!  Celebrate the therapeutic impact  and art of sylists in our lives.  By enhancing our exteriors they boost our interiors!

The night of the event there will be plenty of art supplies and all the participants  will interact with the subjects who are in attendance and paint on the unfinished pieces as a big group art session. It’s an experiment. How people finish the pieces is unknown!  It’s about letting go and sharing. Finishing with colors, painting on clothes, throwing on glitter, writing words, conversing!  The pieces will continue to evolve for several weeks after the event as they continue to hang at the salon and are added to by staff and clients!  The pieces will be on sale with proceeds going to the development phase of my new at-risk youth art therapy occupational training program!

Today’s example:


YOU WILL FINISH THIS PIECE! 24" x 40" dry pastel on illustration board! I can't wait to see what happens!


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