The stunning Velvet Steele as subject at the interactive portrait event June 23


40" x 60" china marker on foam board. Help Velvet finish this piece!

Not only am I about fun, but I am also into community activism as co-founder of WEAVE (West Enders Against Violence Everywhere) I help deal with issues of violence and crime.

But hey!! I am not just about the FETISH/VISUALBDSM element; I love to travel. dinner out, the theatre, art shows and pretty much all a cosmopolitan city has to offer. I appreciate great conversation and enjoy getting to know people, and rather than have the proverbial Q&A, simply send me a message and I’ll get back to you. 

Here’s to hoping you won’t mind that I’m post-op transsexual. It’s been said; “man-made is always better, try it once and you’ll keep coming back!”

In a nutshell tht’s me. Interested? Stick around and enjoy!

Enticingly Yours
The Siamese

Velvet Steele


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