Julia Kozlov and The INSIDE OUT PROJECT at ‘heroes with heART’ art event June 23!

The fabulous Julia Kozlov will be doing the INSIDE OUT PROJECT at my interactive art event on June 23!  Here’s her explanation about it:


I will be setting up a Inside Out Vancouver portrait taking corner at the event on June 23rd. Inside Out Vancouver is an extension of JR’s global Inside Out campaign which focuses on taking portrait of photograph of everyone and anyone in every city around the world and pasting them in public places – primarily walls. The June 23rd event will be the very first portrait taking series for Inside Out Vancouver – your direct participation gives me the release approval to print and paste the photos (if able) on publicly viewed walls in Vancouver. There will be a Release sign sheet available. I ask that everyone participate and allow me to take their beautiful Black & White portrait. All portraits will be posted on my website – http://custom.juliakozlov.com




Watch this amazing video of JR’s wish announcement!

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