When your art is the way you live your life… the sacred Tracey Bell @traceybelldivas

I am un-peeling layers of masks in my life at present and ready to take a new look at the way I live in the world, and to start being more present in how I care for myself and for others.  I am always aware that people come into my life as teachers.  And I am learning alot from my new friend, Tracey Bell.  I had the honor of drawing her portrait at my art event on June 23 and loved watching people transform her piece into one of the most special of the night.

Though Tracey is known for the masks she wears in her performance art as an impersonator, it it her honest transparency that makes her such a success at life.  She is gloriously beautiful both inside and out.  She has created a home that feels like entering the cave of a goddess and she embraces people in a way that makes you feel celebrated and loved.

Tracey on her PARADISE porch- a rooftop garden in the heart of the city.

15+ years ago, Tracey serendipitously bought panel 2 from my triptych “Lives of Lizzie.”  It was astounding to see the piece again after all this time and it sure has a nice home!  Here are a couple of details:

I am in tender spot right now as I make new directions in my life and learn how to place myself first.  When I look into Tracey’s wide eyes, sit in her environment for a few precious minutes, hear her stories and her laugh, sense her vulnerability, learn about her philanthropy…

and soak up her business knowledge…

… I feel at peace.

She invited some women to her place today, and we spent time eating and chatting on Tracey’s PARADISE porch.

Here are some little glimpses at trinkets in her home.


Thank you, Tracey, for being YOU.

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    Love her! This is a great post Kat!

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