A child’s belt, safety pins, buttons. Heartbreaking case evidence. #graphicnovel #Vancouver @Kickstarter


He brushed the leaves aside and uncovered the most baffling double murder Vancouver has ever had.

– The Vancouver Province April 15, 1953

The case itself centres around two unknown children, two young brothers who deserve to be identified.

Case evidence:

In 2004, I thoroughly examined the evidence originally stored at the Vancouver Police Centennial Museum.  The items in the window display remain at the museum (open to the public) and the items in the two boxes are now stored at the Vancouver Police Department (not for public access).

I found the following pieces heartwrenching.

BOX 2 item 15: One belt 7 buttons pce. Safety pin- contains old rubber band; 7 assorted buttons; 2 broken safety pins; one leather belt done up to last notch; BOX 2 item 34: 53 One broken safety pin 

The smaller skeleton bore underpants that appeared to be many sizes too large for a child that age and size, “the slack taken up with a safety pin which was found along with a piece of elastic.”

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