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MOLLY- the graphic novel

Video courtesy of Vancouver Filmmaker, Patti Henderson

This video is a ‘sizzle reel’ of DARK PASSAGES that Patti co-created and directed, featuring Karen Lam and DJ Ashba.  The show proposed to follow the hosts as they travel to different countries, exploring death rites and rituals, thereby allowing us, the audience, to explore how we choose to live our lives, based on our views of death.

In this video, they visit the Vancouver Police Museum and we catch glimpses of the window display that focuses on the Babes in the Woods (the cold case featured in my graphic novel, Molly)!

The items on display at the museum (from my notes during the 2004 visit with the task force):

Photos courtesy of Patti Henderson:




Thank you, Patti!

Patti Henderson

Patti’s bio:

As a writer/director Patti Henderson’s first drama, UP THE WALL (1997), was the FIRST Digital Video – 35mm project to be shot in Canada and financed by B.C. Film, while her Art Video entitled, FEAR NO ART – An Inquisition, had rotation on BRAVO!

Patti’s feature length, female action script, BENEATH THE SURFACE, won one of three prizes given through the Praxis Screenwriters and I.A.T.S.E. local 891 script competition.

For CBC, Patti directed and edited, SALMON CHANTED EVENING. A magic realism drama with a ‘touch of reality’ selected from over 350 scripts and produced in association with CBC and British Columbia Film; the film was nominated for seven 2002 LEO FILM AWARDS.

Patti has attended The Women In The Director’s Chair Workshop at The Banff Centre, as one of eight emerging women directors selected from across Canada.

Most recently, she Directed a ‘sizzle reel’ for a documentary series called ‘Dark Passages’ for Executive Producer Karen Lam, and is being pitched to broadcasters by Lynn Booth of Make Believe Media Inc.

Currently, Patti is putting in funding applications for her Dramatic and Documentary projects, working on her feature film script, MOVING MOUNTAINS, and applying to direct lifestyle/Documentary programming.

Patti is also a member of I.A.T.S.E. Local 891’s Script Supervision Department and Editing Department. A few select credits as Script Supervisor include RV. With Director Barry Sonnenfeld, EIGHT BELOW, for Director Frank Marshal, FRINGE, SUPERNATURAL, SMALLVILLE, DARK ANGEL. A few select credits as Editor include Feature Film DREAMING OF JULIA with Harvey Keitel, THE SPACE BETWEEN, Directed by Chad Lowe, starring Hilary Swank. Comet Post Production. Credits include such projects as, Hard Core Logo, Kitchen Party, Taillights Fade, Twighlight of the Ice Nymphs.

As a result, she brings creativity and understanding of all aspects of production to all her positions.

Patti lives and works in Vancouver, B.C., Canada


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