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Today I purchased a vintage furcoat on ETSY from wolfman1377 Vintage Clothing and Accessories for use in the next illustration resource photo shoot.  It sends shivers down my spine as it is very close to the original found at the scene, including bakelite buttons.

From photo by wolfman1377
From photo by wolfman1377

ETSY ITEMSCRUMPTIOUS vintage 40s 3/4 length Bakelite button brown gray ladies rabbit FUR Coat size small

here is a great vintage ladies coat, 40s or early 50s, nice soft rabbit fur, browns and grays, two huge bakelite buttons,heavy shoulders, fully lined in gold tone satin, some fur lose on inside front panel right chest, some loss on inside 1/4 inch at collar, small section of lining could use few stitches, not noticeable when wearing but am asking less due to these issues, heavy and warm, a great vintage find, would look fab with jeans, measurements as follows with garment laying flat

bust 18″
waist 17″
hips 19″
length 38″

Recall my previous post about A WOMAN’S FURCOAT.

… Covering the bodies was the celanese lining of a woman’s’ coat and a small portion of the fur collar.  In the hairs of the collar were hemlock needles, which indicated that needles were falling at that time.

Later from the scant clues, city furrier R.J. Pop. Fifteenth and Granville, laboriously reconstructed a duplicate of the coat of such accuracy that the original button, later found at the scene was identical to the one put on the duplicate.

Police say it was worn by a chunkily built woman about 5 foot 3 or 4…

– The Vancouver Province April 15, 1953
EVIDENCE BOX 2 item 13: Woman’s fur coat- large bag containing fur coat remnant plus lining

The coat discovered at the scene was reconstructed and featured in an article in The Vancouver Sun on April 20, 1953.  Initially it was described as an “oilskin coat” but it turned out to be a fur coat with its lining facing out.  “[The victims] were covered with a cloth later found to be the lining of a woman’s fur coat of the factory mass production type.”

The article described the coat as a “dark brown Coney (dyed rabbit) with leg-o-mutton shoulders, popular in 1943.”  “The lining of Celanese material (a synthetic fiber first spun in 1921) indicated the coat had been worn two or three years.”

The coat was described as size 16 and 40 inches (101.6 cm) long.   “From the length of the fur coat lining which covered the skeletons, police believe it was worn by a short, stocky woman about five feet three or four inches tall weighing between 125 and 135 pounds.”

Remnants of woman’s fur coat with Celanese lining in evidence box. Video capture from Babes in the Woods Task Force meeting at Vancouver Centennial Police Museum, February 2004. 

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