Visual input, planning and a visit from producer, @annatfabulous #graphicnovel #Vancouver

MOLLY- the graphic novel

As I work on finding the ultimate way to present the drawings in my graphic novel and juggling how much or how little I want to use text, I continue the creative process by sketching and visiting, photographing and soaking in location shots.

Anna Thorsen, my daughter and project producer, is up from San Francisco for Canadian Thanksgiving.  As the new year approaches we will be planning a later Spring 2012 art event to launch our self-published small run of the book.  The event will feature interactive art and the original drawings and the night will centre around a a 40s theme:

Jay Fisher consults with Anna then works his magic to create an inspiring retro look!


Many have been asking if they can still contribute to the graphic novel project.  That’s wonderful and very helpful!!!  The rewards will stay the same as on Kickstarter.  Take a look at the rewards on the Kickstarter site.  You can donate via PAYPAL by clicking DONATE

“Molly” model: Jocelyn Louise, styled by Jay Fisher

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