The letters of Frida Kahlo and how my daughter @AnnaTFabulous blurred art and reality.

My friend, Desmond Reid, surprised me with a DELICIOUS Frida Kahlo book the other day:

My child, I really should not complain about anything that happens to me in life, so long as you love me…

“Her writings reveal her precociousness, the intensity of her feelings, and her enduring physical distress: they unveil her personality as no biography could.” – Martha Zamora

And my daughter surprised me BEYOND last week with her Frida Kahlo outfit at SFMOMA’s Now Playing Event:

He was following me.  Like my shadow, blameless and light.

In the night, a song sobbed…

He followed me.

I ended up crying, isolated in the porch of the parish church,

protected by my bolita shawl, drenched with my tears.


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  1. That’s me! I canna believe that I actually found a book on Frida that Ms. Thorsen hasn’t got in her extensive collection! That’s the power of Powells in Portland Oregon! So happy to make my dearest friend happy – it doesn’t make up for all the support shes given me……Anna looks mazing!

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