Wartime rationing and the 1940s house #graphicnovel research


‘Because of the pail, the scraps were saved,  

Because of the scraps, the pigs were saved,

  Because of the pigs, the rations were saved,

 Because of the rations, the ships were saved,

 Because of the ships, the island was saved,  

Because of the island, the Empire was saved,

And all because of the housewife’s pail’

– Ministry of Food

Supersizers Go Wartime

The 1940s House

Coal House At War

Many have been asking if they can still contribute to the graphic novel project.  That’s wonderful and very helpful!!!  The rewards will stay the same as on Kickstarter.  Take a look at the rewards on the Kickstarter site.  You can donate via PAYPAL by clicking DONATE

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  1. roxymama says:

    You are so inspiring I could cry. Your endevours are amazing!! How do you do it all?? You do the sock monkeys, craft on etsy, produce fine art, art therapy and have truley wonderful blogs. You are my hero!!
    Thank you!

    1. You made my day. I was just feeling tired and sad and your words truly lifted me! HUGS!

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