My vision board is started. Perfect way to process this heavy day.

Woke up this AM feeling like my heart weighed a thousand pounds.  Today is the 3rd anniversary of Mom passing away.

Karin, 1957.

I was lucky enough to spend the morning creating vision boards with Laura Mack, giving me a place and safe space to just be.

I’m excited to watch the board develop and to reflect on it over time.

My children take flight
Sock monkeys will get me to New York, to Sweden
Think BIG.
Drawing on Menopause
The world needs more you? The world needs more me? No. The ME needs more ME.

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  1. Laura Mack says:

    My heart is full. A joy to be with you, Fred and the wonderful young people you’ve gathered.

  2. Joanna Harks says:

    proud of you Kat, because you seem to DO what I only think about……xo

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