Dad is facing a new challenge! So does art actually heal? @RubbleGallery Jan 21 #fatherdaughter #arttherapy

As Dad enters a new chapter, essentially a new battle for his life (cancer has reappeared), we are grateful that art  is helping us process this and is distracting us from the scary road ahead.  On Friday, after a scope, I loved watching Dad excitedly get back to his desk to get back to work.  We’re savouring every minute.  ART HEALS.  It doesn’t cure.  It doesn’t solve problems.  But it’s a tool.  And in the moment of creation, it does heal the spirit.

I hope you get a chance to drop in Saturday Jan 21 at the Rubble Gallery 7-9 PM.  There will be art displayed, on sale, and ready to interact with!

Roar, 1966 Sweden

Roar Thorsen

Me, 1967, Sweden.

See preview of my Graphic Novel, Molly, at the show!


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