Detective work. Scouring my 7-year old notes on #Vancouver #coldcase, Babes in the Woods. #Molly, #graphicnovel

Sifting through now, establishing the format for presenting MOLLY.  I LOVE the look of old notes spilling out of a journal.  Coffee stained.

[They] could have just disappeared off the face of the earth and no one questioned it… We just went on with our loves. – Return To Sender, CBC

Jocelyn Louise as Molly at the Sylvia Hotel, Nov 6, 2011. Stylist: Jay Fisher

Or maybe it’s the potters’ field where those who had neither friends nor money were laid to rest.  Sometimes there are one or two graves off in a corner, separated from the others.  You can guess they were suicides.

– Nancy Millar, Once Upon a Tomb

Many subjects that are common conversation today were shrouded in silence when I was growing up in fifties.  The unspeakable back then included a diverse range of facts, such as a parent’s cancer diagnosis, the adoption of a child to an infertile couple, the love between two women, a baby born to a single mother, or the violence happening in somebody’s home.  The unspeakable also included such feels as a mother’s rage at her child or her desire for an ambitious, adventuresome life outside the confines of her prescribed role.

Harriet Lerner, The Dance of Connection

Jocelyn Louise as Molly, November 6, 2011. Stanley Park. Stylist: Jay Fisher

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