First Art Sunday at the @RubbleGallery. #charcoal #drawing #theface. Next one Feb 26!

We’re experimenting with a 1-2 times per month art afternoon at the Rubble Gallery and our first one was wonderful!  I taught the basics of drawing with charcoal and my students were sponges, inspiring me, each other and themselves with the results!  We also worked on some journaling techniques.  It’s marvelous to work in a gallery space surrounded by wonderful art!


Next session is Feb 26 12-3:30 PM $30/person (includes all supplies).  There will be a 20 min break halfway (there’s a JJ Beans across the street).  

We’ll be drawing the human figure, working on action lines, gesture drawing and abstraction as well.  Charcoal is mess, so get ready to get dirty.  You’ll also be sitting on the floor, so bring a pillow!

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  1. Laura Mack says:

    Wow – they’re all so great!!

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