INCREDIBLE theatrical event last night: @the_life_game featuring Jason B.!

From the Vancouver Observer:

The Vancouver Observer, March 6, 2012

Wow- I’m so glad I went to this!  My Twitter friend, and now in-the-flesh-for-real friend, Tequila Mockingbird, let me know she would be featured as the guest at The Life Game.

And she is actually he– the amazing Jason Bosher.  What a brilliant man!  To get to know Jason in this format floored me.  I WAS AMAZED!  It was one of the most authentic events I have ever attended.

What was the premise?

The guest is interviewed by a facilitator as actors improvise scenes from the guest’s life.  OMG- what an extraordinary concept.  It was therapeutic for one and all.  Jason talked openly about his life.  Absolutely fascinating stuff.  AND SO HONEST.

Kudos to the facilitator, directors, technicians, actors and theatre for creating a safe space for both Jason and the audience.  I could have continued listening and watching for hours for hours.

And wow- I just discovered that the artwork for The Life Game is by none other than my friend, artist/animator/art therapist/ fabulous human, Erin Ross!!!

I encourage you to check out this theatrical phenomenon.  SERIOUSLY!

I scratched a few notes in my journal throughout.

The night felt very DANIEL CLOWES to me for some reason.  I was so inspired to draw in his style as a result.

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