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I found a glorious and heartbreaking book on ETSY at LOST BEAR STUDIO as I was searching for 1940s/50s items for my graphic novel research.

On Becoming A Woman by Harold Shryock, MD.

The information teenage women were receiving at the time regarding their physical, personal and sexual development was truly horrifying from my perspective now.  This is what makes this book one of the most frustrating and fascinating reads.  WOW.  Delicious and tragic.

And of course, the chapter on homosexuality:


BUT- what makes this book even more special are the margin notes by the teen, Laura H. [Full name is in the book, but for privacy, I’ll just use last initial].  It adds so much to the experience.  I wonder who she was.  Where she ended up.  What a window into this young woman’s life!

Handwritten “owners” name on the inside, as well as some notes, underlining, & check marks she made on certain sections of the book that appeared to interest her which adds to the character to the book. – LOST BEAR STUDIO

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Jocelyn Louise as Molly. Styled by Jay Fisher.

MOLLY- the graphic novel

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  1. lioninlove says:

    Amazing as a relic, but utterly frightening.

  2. Mark says:

    I found a copy in an op shop in Sydney in 2001..its also had page inscriptions…but also had this amazing foolscap page letter to the origional recipients..which was more hilarious than the book itself

    1. Kat Thorsen says:


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