Beauty in the struggle. My Dad’s “chaos” gives insight.

Lately, I notice Dad is struggling with keeping focused.  He finds it hard to keep his thoughts straight when he writes.  And his current project illustrates the “chaos” he describes.  The drawings give me clues to his internal struggles and reminds me to keep things simple and routine for him.

But he continues to LIVE FIERCELY and his growling never-give-up demeanour reflects a love of life that inspires me.

Roar with his Grandson, Henrik Roar

See links to Dad’s work at:

Roar Thorsen

Stroke Recovery

Roar on ETSY

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  1. Laura Mack says:

    Kat, as always, your posts about your dad touch me deeply. He’s truly an inspiration, as are you.

    1. Darcy Glip says:

      I agree Laura, my heart just opens up and the world is a better place. Love them both!

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