Beauty in the struggle. Part 2. Dad keeping thoughts straight.

As I mentioned in Part 1, I notice Dad is struggling with keeping focused.  He finds it hard to keep his thoughts straight when he writes.  Today he struggled to make sense of and read from his notes he had written regarding his creative process.  He wanted me to share this with you in order to show how hard his scarred brain has to work to process.

I am so proud of him for wanting to bring us on his journey!  We get such important insight into brain injury and the aging parent.

He is presently working on a portrait of Gorbachev!  Stay tuned!

Dictated by Roar Thorsen:

June 15, 2012

Making of an art picture

Making a picture of art

I do not know how many art producers always thinks that “I don’t like this one” “my mistake” “start again.”

When I notice this I need to fix quick otherwise I will walk around thinking about my mistake. 

Having tried to fix all my drawing such as black ink, oil, water…

Many times when I am creating making an art product, any mistake makes me think I got to fix this now. 

There is many ways to fix an art product such as black ink, color crayons.

A simple mistake makes me mad.  My first thought is “I have to fix this quickly.”

Part of the tools for drawing: pencil, erasing…

Using pencils and crayons is relatively simple.  But to draw something and using the same material

When it is necessary to erase ink drawings, since I do not want to change the original product, my simple solution is to use white etiquettes or stick-ons. 

After this “repair” 

When it is necessary to erase, I do not want to change the original product. 

Using these so-called stickers to cover the mistakes, therefore I can continue with the basic idea. 

Sticking over the mistakes, therefore I can continue with the basic idea. 

When the drawings has been given new shape, in all this is a typical cover-up!

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