“I came to a realization the other day…” journal exercise. #arttherapy

“I came to a realization the other day…”

Finish this sentence. Fill a journal page.  Just let the words flow out.  What have you realized of late?

Write it.

Draw it.

… actually it was when I turned 50.  I realized that if I live as long as my mom did, then I only have 22 years left.  22 years is less than the ages of my children… It  wasn’t a bad thought.  It was liberating.  It’s time to let go  of hesitations and embrace trust.  It’s time to let go of humility and concentrate on shameless self-promotion.  It’s time to enjoy being myself and letting go of the need to please.  It’s time to fulfill the goals, not just dream the dreams.


Our life lasts only a moment.

Again, what have you realized of late?

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  1. Darcy Glip says:

    I came to the realization in November of 2010 when I was diagnosed, that life COULD very well be short. I didn’t want it to be that short. So i dug my heals in and battled a Foe much scarier than any I had control of and won. I took my life back AND…it was given back. I realized I had regrets. I had secrets. I had pains. I had not loved when I should have loved. I crossed boundaries and borders. I pushed limits. I sat when I should have stood. What I realized was….I could stop running away. I could heal. I was alive to enjoy all that could be enjoyed as a healthy individual. I still search for control but now its to build and better myself and through that window we’ll see what else is out there! Life is short…but its bursting with beauty!

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