Sometimes you just have to laugh!. #drawntogether #artheals

As you know by now, Dad and I have been working on our book for several years and it looks like it will be released in November!  I had a great meeting with Influence Publishing on Monday night and excitedly ran to Dad on Tuesday to let him know the latest news!

Dad, I have great news about our book!

His response:

Book, what book?

Photo by Fredrik Thorsen

OMG, what?  I might have cried if it wasn’t for my Dad’s humor and self-awareness.  I breathed, realized he needed time to process it and once we settled into our workspace in the cafeteria, we got back on track and he remembered the project!

Dad has more difficulty finishing a drawing these days.  He has been working on the same piece for over  two months.  He complains that he loses his way.  He applies stickers over his “mistakes” and keeps at it.

It pains me, yet I am elated at his tenacity and focus.  And we have so many good laughs!

He’s building a magical masterpiece.

I will be working all weekend on layout etc.  I am gathering endorsement, testimonials, foreword etc.  It’s exciting and somewhat daunting and humbling!  Dad’s already on to the next book!  Maybe that’s what he meant by Book?  What Book?

We appreciate your support! 

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