Naked Ladies Naked Ladies Naked Ladies, by Lynda Barry (Real Comet Press, 1984)

Recall my obsession with my superhero, Lynda Barry.  Well, the obsession rages on, fueled by the newest addition to my collection:

Real Comet Press, 1984

OMG.  It’s spectacular.  Each page is a full-page playing card  illustration of Lynda’s exploration of female body images.

Along the bottom of each page runs a classic Lynda Barry storyline.  Charming, funny, tragic.  It starts with:

When I was about five years old my cousin who was the same age came running around the corner from the back of the house and said did I want to see a boner.  I didn’t know what a boner was but I knew it was probably pretty good from the way he was running...

I will resist the temptation to color in it.  It’s just too amazing.  Copying from Lynda Barry is my personal art therapy anyways, so maybe I’ll color my own versions instead.  I’m definitely thinking wheatpaste!

18″ x 24″ china marker on newsprint.  Inspired by page 8.

This rare book was purchased via ETSY from the shop, DAME STYLE:

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