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MOLLY- the graphic novel

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Recreating 1947 with model, Jocelyn Louise, and stylist, Jay Fisher.


• Prepping the mindmap

• Gathering inspiration

• Collecting quotes

• Reviewing current work- written and drawn

• Creating new pieces

• Planning new photoshoot

• Documenting process

*Rethinking approach

• Full immersion imminent

She waved as she made her way to the back door and out to the fire escape stairs.  The firewood was stored under a musty tarp on the landing, and the hatchet [he] used to make kindling sat rusty and dull on top.  [She] never noticed the hatchet placed in that way before, not in all the weeks and months she’d been climbing these fire escape steps.  It was a sign, she knew, and though she wondered what exactly she would do with the hatchet if the footsteps followed her again, she snatched the thing up and rested it on her shoulder.

 Lori Lansens Rush Home Road[1]

[1] Lansens, L. (2002) Rush Home Road, Toronto ON, Canada: Vintage Canada

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