Abundance means less. What? #selfleadership

I’ve been really committing to the mantra Abundance 2015. My mindset is more focused on creating abundance. But my realization is that I’ve been coming at it all wrong. Abundance to me does not mean more. Abundance means less.

What? Doesn’t abundance mean more?

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The lesson for me, as I quickly approach 53, lies in taking a long hard look at what it is I truly value in my career development.  What is it that I need to focus on right now?

What can I take away to open space for abundance?  What can I do less of?


My Current Mindmap:


As I look at it, I see that the path has been too cluttered.   What the hell is feeding what?!  Where is the simplicity and ease I added in the centre?

In all honesty, and in my heart, I feel that life is now ready to align in a way to allow me to simplify,

to put myself first,

to say NO when it’s the right thing to say,

to say YES to that which creates passion… but also allows for less clutter.

Life is allowing,




That is key- abundance means excellence.


Create your own mindmap that includes ALL you can possibly think of that you are currently juggling at the moment.  Just when you think you’re done, add more.  And then one more.


Take a good look at the mindmap.  How many more bubbles can you add? How do they all relate to each other? Can you see a theme as your mindmap gets more and more cluttered? Keep adding. What is in common with all those bubbles?

For me, as I reflect back on the last year when I have been at my happiest in my career development, I realize it’s been  when working on developing curriculum and developing my own shit in my home office, as well as collaborating with like minded individuals on even further development.  It’s not been the front-line work, as I call it, nor in seeking scraps here and there.

My happiness is about expanding out, in a less hectic, more defined way.  Affecting more people.  But from the comfort of safe havens, in workshops with people who are READY TO DO THE WORK and in intense collaborative sessions and settings.

Serendipitously, I came across this quote today:

Self- leadership quote:

Self-leadership is your path out of the overwhelm. It’s your personalized approach to realizing your ideas in a business that brings you the wealth, peace, and ease you really want.

Self-leadership isn’t just about what you want to do—it’s about how you want to do it. You get to decide where you’re headed and how you’re going to get there. Self-leadership is the key to creating a framework that has you relying more on yourself than on gurus or can’t lose formulas.

Self-leadership also isn’t about being more productive—it’s about being more effective. – Tara Gentile


Aha!  There’s MY THEME!  

(Your theme may be TOTALLY unrelated of course- but there will be a theme nonetheless.  Find it)

Now- create a new mindmap using your theme as the starting point.

What are key bubbles now? What do you really want to do at this stage of your life? What truly requires your exquisite attention so it can be fully expressed?  How simple can you make it?


I tried a few times.  Kept changing…


IMG_1884Then adding…IMG_1885Then changing it up again and really stripping it down to a visual that encompassed everything I want to focus on and that inspires me.



Try not to hesitate or overthink.  Just keep that pen moving.  Change papers as needed.

Can you create a simpler mindmap that allows you to focus? By doing less?

Share your experience with me!

Love Kat

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