Home Funeral Practicum July 18, 2015.


Have you ever had a friend or relative die, and wished you could have kept them at home for a day or two, to take care of the body yourself and say your farewells without pressure?   In fact, you can. – source

I am absolutely delighted to be participating in the following Home Funeral Practicum on July 18, 2015:

Home Funeral Practicum Final

My role will include facilitating some therapeutic art techniques dedicated to the loved one (death journeyer) who has passed.  Space is limited!


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PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is not hosted by CINDEA

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Once we rid ourselves from traditional thinking we can get on to creating the future.

– James Bertrand


Death remains a topic that many of us would rather avoid. And when it comes to the actual nuts and bolts of caring for the dead, most of us tend to think it’s best — and furthermore, required by law — to let professional funeral arrangers handle the arrangements.

Well, it turns out that in most states it’s perfectly legal to care for your own dead. And, with new momentum to shatter longstanding taboos and stop tip-toeing around death — from “death with dignity” measures sweeping the country to projects promoting kitchen table “conversations”about our deepest end-of-life wishes — a re-energized DIY death movement is emerging. – Rachel Zimmerman

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  1. lauramack says:

    Heard a program a few weeks ago on the http://www.urbandeathproject.org – found it fascinating. Sparked an interesting conversation between me & Andrew as to what we want for ourselves, for one another.

    1. Kat Thorsen says:

      It is so important to have the dialogue. Demystifying and empowering!

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