Day 3 Inside Out Project Summer 2015 #ownyourjourney Day 3: animation and anatomical hearts

INSIDE OUT PROJECT: OWN YOUR JOURNEY- Breaking the cycle of violence through creativity

Inside Out Project – Own Your Journey SUMMER 2015 is a three week intensive arts-based program running out of Mountainside Secondary School (July 6-24, 2015) for youth ages 13-20 that uses the vehicles of therapeutic art, photography and stop motion animation to teach life and transferable skills while developing self-empowerment, peer to peer interaction, community connections and by providing tools to make healthy, non-violent choices. The goal for Inside Out is to help students address the root causes of violence (with a special focus on violence against women) through creative expression. The program allows students to creatively reflect on self, to work in a team and to experience critical engagement and transformative changes that shift their attitudes and behaviors in order to prevent violence. Three experienced facilitators (Ian Powell, Erin Ross, Kat Thorsen) provide instruction and support.


Day 1, July 6, 2015: LINK

Day 2, July 7, 2015: LINK



Today we were introduced to the principals of animation from Erin Ross as we prepare to tackle our big group project: a collaborative stop motion  animation short on the theme of violence prevention.

We also worked on colouring and embroidering anatomical hearts for our art journal covers.   

There’s nothing harder to do in animation than nothing. Movement is our medium.

– Milt Kahl


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