Recycled sock craft: dead crow. #Graphicnovel fundraiser. 

The crow guides my healing journey. It gives me the courage to enter the darkness of the unknown and to let go of fear. The crow reminds me to laugh, live and love fiercely as I embrace my life’s mission.  According to folk lore, finding a dead crow implies good fortune awaits.  I feel they also give us pause to celebrate the beautiful spiral of:

the void-birth-life-death-the void-rebirth

As you may already know from previous posts, dead birds are a continuous visual theme in my graphic novel, Molly.  They are a metaphor for loss of freedom and the struggles the main character faces in her short life.

See: Dead messengers




As part of raising funds for the graphic novel project, I have designed this loveable little corpse made from recycled materials.  Strangely wonderful to cuddle!


Makes you stop, sit, meditate, smile and perhaps let out a big sigh.  And maybe even talk about death.

Available [made to order] on my ETSY shop: POSTSTREET

This is my original design.

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  1. Ellie Rose says:

    What a creative idea to put your recycled materials into! I’ve seen a lot of plush toys but that one is really well-designed and created! Keep up the good work, Kat!

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