Be A Star workshop with @PeterBreeze. #selfempowerment

Recall I participated in an amazing taste test workshop this past summer facilitated by the one and only Peter Breeze.


I am still feeling the positive effects of Peter’s teachings!  I am in full process creating my book.  When I feel the old anxiety, fear and self-doubt boil up, I take time to breathe and to recall how Peter taught me how to own my successful self.  To not act as if– but to BE the person who pursues her goals with passion and fearlessness and a profound feeling of self-worth!  Me- the trembling cave woman, stepping into the shoes of my future self.

You may also recall that I wrote:

It was one of the most powerful and uplifting workshops I’ve ever attended– a beautiful combination of exercises, take-away tools, spiritual guidance and humor.  Stay tuned for Peter’s full workshop offering!  A “can’t miss” opportunity!

Well the day has arrived!  Peter’s 2-day workshop is now announced!


Pretending to be famous when I was a kid was more than just make believe. I have a natural ability to align myself with the things that I want. I live a life of complete creation. For years I have wanted to find away to teach people the things I know and I’ve finally found a way to start spreading the magic. If you want to start living the life of your dreams then check out my first official Be A Star workshop! The time is now. Your dreams await! – Peter Breeze

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Peter Breeze, 2011 (China Marker on foam board)
Peter Breeze, 2011 (China Marker on foam board). Katarina Thorsen

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