I robbed your grave. I revealed you.

Sometimes you find that one right quote that makes you throw the book across the room because the words are that damn good.  You wish you wrote it.  It seems written for you.  The author just fucking gets you.

I robbed your grave.  I revealed you.  I showed you in shameful moments.  I learned things about you.  Everything I learned made me love you more dearly.

I’ll learn more.  I’ll follow your tracks and invade your hidden time.  I’ll uncover your lies.  I’ll rewrite history and revise my judgment as your old secrets explode.  I will justify it all in the name of the obsessive life you gave me.

– James Ellroy, My Dark Places

For Molly

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  1. lauramack says:

    OMFG. Seriously? Yet another confirmation….

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