Death is not the end of the story, but just the beginning.

I am deep into the creative process this morning.  This current drawing is being prepped for embroidery re Molly, a True Crime Analysis as I simultaneously review forensic techniques and review my manuscript.  Multi-tasking.

Symbols within the drawing reflect:

Genetic discovery, the drosophila, Y-STR haplotypes, the Spiral of Inquiry, the web of intrigue, physical evidence, the forest, the triple timeline and circumstantial evidence.

I want to interpret the voices of the dead and reveal of their secrets.  Death is not the end of the story, but just the beginning.

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  1. Gary Brusanowski says:

    I had you do a few drawings of our beloved pooch who passed away in January (“Jake”, aka “Goober”) on a recommendation from Loretta James. And they were lovely, thank you. Just wanted to pass along my feelings about death, because I have my own personal take on it (I’m a musician, though, so my canvas is sound)… but to me, capital “L”ife is just a vast pool of energy; we spring into being because systems in place caused us to form “us”… we don’t know why and never will. Energy is just energy and until energy stops moving around, anything and everything is possible. So when I die, it won’t be a concern because I’ll just re-enter the pool of energy again to reform as something else. Or maybe nothing at all. Enjoy your particular version of “energy” while you can, though, and don’t let stupid crap sidetrack you. The odds of “you” being around at all are beyond astronomical.

    In my opinion, there is no God, just energy. My two cents 🙂


    P.S. Love your style, btw! My brother (lost long ago in a car accident), was the visual artist in my family. He would have immediately understood you.

    1. Kat Thorsen says:

      Thank you for your beautiful and profound thoughts, Gary. And oh sweet, Goober ❤️

      1. Gary Brusanowski says:

        You’re entirely welcome. And if you would care to view my “gallery”, you can find it here (if it doesn’t work with old browsers and some OS’s, I can send links via dropbox, that usually works). But the SoundCloud experience is so anti-Facebook and so refreshing! You don’t know who listened, just that they did. You don’t care if they liked it, but are happy when they do. It’s almost completely anonymous but I’ve connected with musicians who I appreciate and they don’t know me and I don’t know them. It’s the art that counts; we’re just the delivery mechanism 🙂

        A friend of mine said to throw my best pieces up and just ignore it; like an art gallery. No one is asking for Dali’s opinion, because he merged back into the energy. But make sure your awesome tunes are available forever in case your apartment building burns down. And he was right. And that’s what I did. So pick and choose, or not at all. Your choice. My personal favourite is “The Divine Comedy”… it’s challenging at 60+ minutes but when you hit the end, you’ll feel like it ended too soon. There are some poppy 3-minute tunes, which people tend to gravitate towards, and I was in happy place, so why not? Something for everyone! Anyway, just happy to bump into a fellow artist 🙂


      2. Kat Thorsen says:

        Fantastic! Will check it out!

      3. Kat Thorsen says:

        Beautiful music! Thank you for sharing. As a former dancer, I appreciate the FORM that music creates.

      4. Gary Brusanowski says:

        Thank you! And please feel to forward any of it to anyone. I did it all for me, but long before the Internet became a “thing”, so if it inspires anyone, or just makes them feel better after a crappy day, then my work is done here 🙂


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