Partnering to Create a Culture of Care.


I am happy to announce a new site: my collaboration with Beverley Pomeroy!



Earlier this year, Bev and I were invited to facilitate a pilot project with the upper management of a national independent living brand and operator.  

Little did we know, that we would become deeply involved in developing and advocating for a culture of care in community and community living sectors for aging adults.

A culture of care, in our definition, is the quality in a person or society that is providing what is necessary for the health and well being of ‘someone’, in this case, ‘someone’ being an older adult or senior, through developing communication, building respect, mitigating risk and fostering growth.



We know our communities of care are being effected by a rapid and changing environment.  

We understand that developing a culture of care with front line staff is a high leverage point for communities and commodities in order to attract, retain and grow the brand as well as address the transitional needs.  

We provide front line staff, supervisors and managers with deep, rich learning experiences that translate into immediate benefits and build capacity.  


Read more: SOLUTIONS

Workshop Examples:

Inter-Dependence of Community Engagement (Care, Concern and Belonging)
• O.W.L. – Observe, Wait, Listen (Team Training)
• Core Values, Esteem Heart (Team Training)
• Reflective Listening, Effective Management
• Living Grief: 5 Phases of Family Caregivers Profound Journey of Ongoing Loss
• Older Adults’ Behavioural Management (Aging in Community)
• Older Adults’ Creative Engagement Workshop: Living Grief and Sock Monkey Therapy (Residents, Caregivers, Staff, Train the Trainer)
• Mind Mapping Techniques: Project Planning and Communication Techniques (Train the Trainer)
What to know more?!  
For more information on our services: CONTACT

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