The portraits. Foreshadowing of the next large art event: a take on the Inside Out Project. Another #massarttherapysession!

The art event as a huge success and is now a catalyst for bringing more of these happenings to Vancouver.  It left attendees hungry for more creative and interactive art experiences.

I met with the muses last Monday and our next event will likely be some time in May 2011.  The focus will be THE PORTRAIT, as inspired by THE INSIDE OUT PROJECT (see details about this project below).

Photos by Julian Bowers.


Jay Fisher
Jocelyn Louise

Rebecca Rawlinson


The premise of the night will be to install 12 large canvases in the creative space.  Each canvas will have a portrait of a local (through pre-registration and subject will be in attendance).  The portrait will have been started by me in charcoal prior to the event- essentially an outline/layout of the essential form of that person.  The subjects and a group of participants will then finish the individual portraits during the 3 hour evening.  The process will be filmed and participants interviewed (if they choose) regarding their relationship to the pieces and their experience of the creative process.

There will also be body art, cash bar, aprés dinner snacks and film.  Afterwards, the portraits will be photographed and be made into posters for pasting around town.  This process will also be filmed and a blog page will be started to record the relationship of the pieces to the community.   The original pieces may travel and be re-exhibited once the film is completed.



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Trailer for Women Are Heroes



I do not paint a portrait to look like the subject, rather does the person grow to look like his portrait. – Salvador Dali

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  1. Laura Mack says:

    SO cool. I too was inspired by JR’s wish. And I LOVE what you’re enacting w/ your inspiration!

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