BIRTHDAY ART: calm in the storm- gifts from a friend @parentasleader

My friend Laura treated me to the most beautiful messages today in her generous birthday gifts.  In the midst of the mayhem at school, with kids needing me right, left and centre, she popped in and thrust wisdom in my arms!  I adore this woman for so many reasons; I am also acutely aware that I need to pay attention to her messages!

Laura Mack is an international business consultant and facilitator.  She brings to her clients a broad understanding of both the rewards and challenges of entrepreneurial life as well as the corporate and non-profit sectors.  She has been executive director of a national association, worked in partnership development with an international association and prior to that operated a sole proprietorship promoting speakers, leadership and organizational development facilitators and trainers.  Laura is certified as a One Page Business Plan® consultant, a Legacy Leadership Practitioner, an Authentic Leadership Conversations™ host, recently completed a series of courses in the Instructor Development Program at the Justice Institute (which included Appreciative Inquiry and World Café), has studied Nonviolent Communication with Marshall Rosenberg, has completed numerous courses with the Canadian Society of Association Executives, and is currently engaged in a part-time Business Liberal Studies Program at Simon Fraser University.  Known as a connector, Laura is passionate about sharing her experiences with ‘netweaving’, actively connecting those with similar interests and activities.  She served for two years as member of the Board of the Gifted Children’s Association of British Columbia in addition to co-facilitating the creation of a series of informative and engaging sessions for parents of children with learning differences (LD) – both gifted and LD.  Laura believes strongly in philanthropy and volunteerism and has supported various causes in Vancouver’s downtown eastside over recent years, in addition to sponsoring a child in Zimbabwe and volunteering with AWE (Accelerating Women Entrepreneurs). She is currently working with an NGO that is bringing water into a remote community in Nepal and planning a medical centre. [source]

LAURAMACK’S BLOG– leadership, parenting, family therapy

Laura Mack is a facilitator, business consultant and parent.  Her mission is to inspire parents to embrace parenting as a leadership journey. Laura shares her personal stories and inquiries making for a fascinating read.  Child and family therapist, Alyson Jones, also shares her professional advice as well as her own parenting experience.

Laura Mack on Twitter: @parentasleader

Laura’s dog Skippy 🙂


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  1. Laura Mack says:

    Ah Kat….

    Appreciate the acknowledgment.

    ….and deeply appreciate you, as you know.

    And it’s so true – kids DO need you right, left and centre. My gift to you is but a tiny reflection of the gift you ARE to all those you interact with.

    A story about your gift…. I purchased the Starfish story from Dee Dee, a Tibetan woman who runs a booth in Lonsdale Quay. I’ve often wondered about her, but yesterday I was PRESENT to her as I purchased your present. She told me the most amazing story of people helping people, of nature interacting with people open to BEing with nature, sharing photos with me, and her HUGE heart.

    And I shared with her my desire to help a community in Nepal with a friend of mine who was born there. She smiled, and picked four cards from her card rack, shuffled them, and turned them upside down – “choose one” she said with a smile.

    She then gifted me with it and I gifted you with it.

    And that is how the ‘at peace with nature and in nature’ (which is how I read the peace sign on the leaf) card came to you.

    1. That is so marvelous! Thank you for sharing this story!
      Love K

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