The way the crow flies. The journey of one piece of artwork. #fullcircle #lettinggo #Frida

My Frida series is ever evolving.

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Today I drive the piece below west to east to a wedding shower- the way the crow flies- to give it to a very special young woman celebrating the start of a new life!  I love the full circle of this piece that honors what I had, says goodbye to it, and celebrates new paths for all of us!

China marker on masonite board.  Crows on the back of the piece.  The tree exists- it is in the garden by the Parliament Buildings in Victoria.

Crows have a powerful presence in my life.  For me, they remind me to listen to my instinct.  To be honest.  The crow guides your healing journey. It gives you the courage to enter the darkness of the unknown and to let go of fear. The crow reminds you to laugh, live and love fiercely as you embrace your life’s mission. (sock crow)

My Sock Crow



Crying: “This is my Creation,”

Flying the black flag of himself.

– Ted Hughes

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