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As of this moment [September 4, 2011], we’re 79% funded!!! YAY!!!

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The case itself centres around two unknown children, two young brothers who deserve to be identified

So, why a graphic novel?

Many of you have wondered, why do a graphic novel?  Why not write a novel?  Or a movie script?

Well, I’m a visual artist, that’s why.

And this is how I need to tell this story.   And perhaps it will lead to dialogue, to new investigations and answers.

This is the story as I see it.  This is how I want to present my case to the world.   Maybe it’s the only way I can.

Through the visual.

New facts have a way of trickling out, confirming or challenging prior understandings.  And as they accrete, as they start to add up, sometimes anomalosuly, new possibilities present themselves.  The time arrives for an updated picture, a revision of past attempts at meaning making.  Not all revisions are revolutionary, but in the best instances, they add a few more form-creating pieces to the overall jigsaw, the life’s gestalt.

– from An Emergency in Slow Motion- the inner life of Diane Arbus, by William Todd Schultz

While words are a vital component, the major dependence for a description and narration is on universally understood images, crafted with the intention of imitating or exaggerating reality.

– from Graphic Storytelling and Visual Narrative, by Will Esiner

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Note: All backers will receive a mention in the book (if they so wish).  Take a look at the fun rewards available for various donation levels!  In addition, backers who donate $100 and above will receive a signed copy of the book when it is published!  All backers who donate $50 and up will appear in the graphic novel in a cameo role!

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  1. My own journaling is words, but arranged — well, it’s hard to describe– sort of picture poems but not that deliberate.

    I can definitely see a future for this sort of combination storytelling. We’re a very visual society– I’ve always been a word person, but dipping my toes into visual arts has been amazingly fruitful for me in ways I could not have imagined in…

    words words words…

    lined up strictly in order on a page. Bleh. LOL. Wish You good fortune!

    1. Wow- fabulous WORDS!

      Thank you! You made my day!!!!!

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