Receive a cameo role in my #graphicnovel! #Vancouver @Kickstarter @annatfabulous


As of this moment [September 5, 2011], we’re 80% funded.

BUT to get funding we need to reach 100%! That’s how Kickstarter works! Please help us make our goal by Sept 11 5:17 PM!

All backers who donate $50 and up will appear in the graphic novel in a cameo role!  The era ranges from 1925-1953, from Ireland through Pier 21, to Alberta, to British Columbia!

Example: Jocelyn Louise on a tram in 1947...

And stay tuned for photoshoot on Wednesday on location with Jocelyn Louise as our model, Jay Fisher as stylist and Victor Bearpark as photographer!  Can’t wait!

To help fund this graphic novel go to KICKSTARTER!

Note: All backers will receive a mention in the book (if they so wish).  Take a look at the fun rewards available for various donation levels!  In addition, backers who donate $100 and above will receive a signed copy of the book when it is published!

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