Photoshoot Part 2: Molly coming to life. #graphicnovel #Vancouver @Kickstarter @annatfabulous


As of this moment [September 8, 2011], we’re 97% funded!

BUT to get funding we need to reach 100%! That’s how Kickstarter works! Please help us make our goal by Sept 11 5:17 PM!  Raising more than the goal is OK, though!  More than OK!!!

Yesterday we did a photoshoot [for promotion and illustration resource purposes] on location with Jocelyn Louise as “Molly.”  Jay Fisher was our stylist and Fredrik Thorsen, our photographer!  Heart stopping!

See: Photoshoot Part 1

Today I share some more of my favorites.

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Note: All backers will receive a mention in the book (if they so wish).  Take a look at the fun rewards available for various donation levels!  In addition, backers who donate $100 and above will receive a signed copy of the book when it is published!  All backers who donate $50 and up will appear in the graphic novel in a cameo role!  


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