Weekly artist series: Week 8 Part 3 of 3 PORTRAIT POETRY #OttoDix #arttherapy

Week 8 Part 3 Otto Dix


 I adore this portrait by Otto Dix.

Let’s simply revel in reproducing it and adding poetry to it.

Firstly, write in your journal for 10 minutes without interruption.  Just about anything that comes to mind in the moment.

Secondly, circle every third word.  Isolate those words and create a poem from them.

I got:

Writing minutes

In the morning

Despite changes in

Me and I really want

Just days of already

Hanging disappointment

Draw Sylvia loosely, freely, spontaneously and add your poem to her book.

Next artist next week:

Sue Coe.

I’m off to San Francisco to visit my daughter and I plan to visit SFMOMA and see what Sue Coe-isms I can find!

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