San Francisco Journal: Portrait #6 @annatfabulous

Watching my children grow into spectacular, fulfilled beings pursuing their passions is the greatest feeling.  If I ever doubt myself, I just have to remember “wow, look at them.  I was part of that.”

No matter how others doubted my methods, no matter that my children will have personal struggles as they continue to develop and grow, in this moment– we can feel content and whole knowing that the three of us are doing pretty fucking good!   We ENJOY each other.  And that is success.

So visiting my daughter in San Francisco, witnessing her in the midst of a beautiful family of friends, with her career and life blossoming, was EMPOWERING!  I learn so much from how Anna walks her life.

I put Anna in Alexander McQueen PreFall 2009. I call it "the missed phonecall."

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I will continue to share my incredible weekend in San Francisco (that I spent with my daughter and her friends) through a series of portraits and journal entries over the next few days.

This one’s for Anna:

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