A day of creativity with Darcy Glip!

Spent an amazing day with Darcy yesterday creating and chatting and eating in his beautiful new space.  Reconnecting with old friends is very healing.

Darcy prepping delicious treats in his new kitchen!

Darcy made these extraordinary tarts.

Find the recipe at:

I added a few things, Tandoori spice to the onions near the end of cooking as well as crumbled pecans. Instead of dijon mustard I used a good Stone ground mustard. Added a thin orange slice for looks and the rest is verbatim. I doubled the recipe and it made enough for 2 doz+. “Tartlets”. – Darcy

Darcy’s eye is always roaming for beautiful moments:

Darcy is a talented and inspiring artist specializing in art brut style paintings and collaging.

Collage, by Darcy Glip
Collage by Darcy Glip
Birthday card by Darcy! I LOVE IT!

And of course- Darcy makes sock monkeys!

The first sock monkey Darcy ever made! He has made MANY since this one! He is a sock monkey ambassador, spreading the love! I am so proud!


He was guest speaker in my journal yesterday:

Thanks for a beautiful day, D and N!!!

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