Approaching fruition: my weekend with @InspireABook and Influence Publishing

I just spent an intensive and fabulous weekend with Julie Salisbury of Influence Publishing at her Inspire A Book Mastermind class!  Incredible!  I am working on the book that showcases my Dad’s art and our journey together.

Julie has a brilliant way of facilitating a group to support each other in the creative process and I feel on track and very excited to collaborate with her!  The group was astounding and inspiring and I thank Sharon, Leslie, Nelie, Carroll, Brad, Lucca, Nathalie for their generous spirits and Hannelore for hosting the event and opening her heart to us.

The amount of info shared and exercises processed was quite remarkable and I came home loaded up with all the guidance and courage and gameplan I need to ensure that Dad and I see our project to fruition.

Roar dictating notes.

Thank you Laura Mack and Christine Awram for the initial connections!

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