With new technology, #DrawnTogether will be a full-color paperback! #strokerecovery #artheals

In our original planning stages with Influence Publishing we were considering the idea of producing

a. an affordable black and white version and

b. a full color expensive coffee table book.

This seemed the only option but I worried about not being able to present the art in full color to a wider audience.

Influence Publishing has informed us that new technology has solved that problem.

From Ingram Makes Color Print-On-Demand More Economical:

Ingram Content Group has announced a new standard color pricing model for print-on-demand technology that has reduced costs by roughly two-thirds, making color POD an economical publishing option for the first time. Achieved through advancements in inkjet technology, the price drop means that a greater range of book content can be printed in color and done faster around the world…

We will be utilizing this latest technology to produce a full-color paperback of Drawn Together!

Dad organizing his pens!
We spent the afternoon cleaning his workspace. I scrubbed spilled coffee off the walls, scooped up old wrappers, lost pen caps, dried up grapes and scrubbed the sticky floor! We had a good laugh! Creativity is messy!


Please consider supporting our project.  Much love, Katarina and Roar

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