Alarm! “Failure.” Snooze. Repeat. #journal

Those first thing in the morning internal conversations can be brutal.

From: How to Stop Morning Anxiety

Few things are worse then than waking up stressed and facing anxiety which is a highly unpleasant but rather common occurrence.  The reason that anxiety is worse in the morning for many people is because this is when the body produces the most cortisol. This is a stimulant and the body produces it of course to help you to wake up. However this is also one of the hormones produced when we are under stress, and one of the ones associated with the ‘fight or flight’ response. This is then compounded by the fact that for many of us the morning is something of a shock to the system where you go from lying comfortably in the warmth without a care in the world to being jolted awake by an alarm and having to hurry out the door to work.

Internal conversation.  Write it out.  Dissipate.


The Amygdala:

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