Gratitude and other scenes from the ER. #DrawnTogether

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On Sunday, Dad got a chance to watch the documentary his grandson, Julian, made.  He was very moved.

Unfortunately, Dad’s health has taken a turn for the worse as he battles bladder cancer.  We spent Monday in the ER and here is Dad’s essay (he asked me to record the events):

When it came, the wreck left me alive.  It flung me on the coast with a warning that what I had to look forward to now was no longer the maximum but the minimum with which I could begin my life afresh… I began to forget what life could not offer and to appreciate what it could…

– Frigyes Karinthy

Thank you family and friends for all your kind words on Monday on Facebook, on Twitter, on phone, in person!

Our dear friend, Darcy, spent the day with us.

Dad is back in his room and it’s all about making the moments the best and most comfortable they can be.

I am now going collect all the material into the manuscript!  Our mindmap is the guide!

Thank you for supporting our project

Much love, Katarina and Roar


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  1. Lucca says:

    My writer’s spirit is with you all the way. I am delighted that you have the funds you need and can get on with the project. Continue to go for it!

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