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What’s the one thing missing in your life?  In mine- that’s easy.  I have passion, I have my art, I love being myself, and being by myself, I am happily divorced, I have no unfinished business with my mother who passed, nor with my father now, I have an extraordinary family and friends who lend an ear and a give hugs and feed me, I’m a good mom and my children are spreading their wings and are exceptional humans, I have a too-loud laugh, and there is no end to my creative ideas or output… but’s what’s missing is money!

I can’t borrow anymore.  That’s not the answer.  I’m maxed out there anyway.  I can’t cut corners- that just isn’t the solution.  I am not an over-the-top indulger, by any means.  With the amount of output I do every day, I’m sorry, but I fucking earn every coffee I buy, every dinner out, every book.

I just need to open myself up to earning more money.  What does that actually mean?

I had an epiphany on Sunday (I’m pretty slow)- my current situation only reinforces my low self-esteem.  In order to earn more, I have to value myself more.  SIMPLE. Well, actually it is.

So this Fall, which feels so beautiful and large and epic-will be a time for turning a new leaf.  For making changes.  My nephew turned one.  My father is nearing the end of his life as we birth our book together.  Truly remarkable.  The sun is shining and the leaves are changing.

I have to let the equity build not only in my home, but in myself.  I have to trust.  I have to build my own support network and focus like hell on what I do the best, and leave the rest to the experts.  I’m not there yet, there are some bumps ahead but I am in a new mindset (today at least).

My friend, Laura Mack, sent me a note of encouragement: Focus on creating abundance and then give from there.  I cheer you on.

The Old Apple Tree by Roar Thorsen



by Tara Gentile

Making money should be beautiful. Making money should be liberating, fortifying, and joyous. Making money isn’t what defines you but it shouldn’t be bewildering either.


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