“The very pink of perfection.” My afternoon @RebeccaBree boutique!

As we start our visit Rebecca Rawlinson meets my sister-in-law, Cher Hanusiak, and my nephew, Henrik!

Every nook and cranny is a visual cornucopia.

The very pink of perfection. – Oliver Goldsmith

Glorious paper rose wall created by Darcy Guenette (Darcy Glip)

Rebecca Rawlinson, owner, with Christina Nadolski, buyer.

I could not be more proud of Rebecca Rawlinson.  Witnessing her dream come true is awe-inspiring.   Congratulations, my love!

Today’s 5-minute portrait!

Rebecca Bree 

And her partner Rick has done a stunning job building the interior from scratch.


Cher’s blog: ECO BRAVO

Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 6.34.02 PM

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  1. Julia says:

    Awesoe & fun photos Kat! Henrik is growing up so fast & cute! I also did a feature a while ago at the store – http://www.profilestudio.ca/gallery/photography/rebecca-bree-boutique/

    1. Katarina (Kat) Thorsen says:


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