We’ve become a band of gypsies. #livinguntilwesaygoodbye

VIGIL: a purposeful watch maintained, esp at night, to guard, observe, pray, etc.

Recall: Document it.  All of it.

We remain at Dad’s bedside.  Today was a peaceful day for him.  His medication was increased so he is not in as much pain as yesterday.  Only when he is moved.  Other than that, he sleeps soundly with a strong heartbeat.  He’s a fighter.

We have become gypsies, tziganes, a family in need to set up camp to support each other and to surround Dad with love and the sounds of life.


We are not so much waiting to be with Dad at the moment he lets out that last breath, as we are showing him we are LIVING and LOVING and MOVING INTO OUR FUTURE and showing him our GRATITUDE.  It is also an opportunity to bond as a family and re-process losing our mom in November 2008.

I have cried a lot and I expect to cry a lot more, and I anticipate intense MISSING.  But today I laughed a lot.  Laughed at my little family as we maintain our camp and cocoon ourselves in room 207 from morning to evening.

At the end of the day, we turn off the lights except for the Christmas lights and the diffuser.  The extraordinary staff will be visiting him all night, and we are happy allowing them their time to share their love and gratitude.

Dad October 23, 2011 with his grandson, Henrik:

Henrik with his grandfather Roar, one year later:

Photo by Fredrik Thorsen.

Sleep well, Dad.

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